Burrito Bob says:

Hello YouTube Family! Well, I went to Walmart and let a few stinkers to keep the customers on their toes. Lol Everything was going good until I had technical difficulties and the camera shut off. Of course, it had to be at the end of my shoot when I got the best reaction from a customer and his kiddos. He actually looked over at me and said, “didn’t you know that box comes with a rip.” Yes, my fart sounded just like someone ripping paper. Lol

So, there were some good looks but my favorite part is the mom with her daughter and friend. They were right behind me when I farted and the mom let out the most obvious laugh. It was great! I turned around and she looked at her baby as though she didn’t notice. Too funny.

Enjoy! “Laughter is good medicine”.

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I have written three short stories about my hilarious childhood. I hope you get a good laugh. Please comment so I will be encouraged to write more. Thank you.


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