Ultimate Challenges Burping Compilation #3 – EUROPEAN EDITION


This is probably one of my favorite videos ever, because most of these channels are small ones and they have so much potential, are super fun and amazing, and they are very open (two of them are openly aware of the existence of the BFF). I hope you guys enjoy it and show them love, cuz they deserve all the support! I really like making challenges compilations and I want to make them a recurring series on my channel! They are, however, hard to find and take a long time to watch, so I might take a little while between challenge videos. But I really want to make many more of them! :3 Hope you guys will enjoy this video!

NOTE 2: If you don’t feel like watching the whole thing, I made a list (as I usually do for these videos) with the channels used, with a brief description on the guys on it, and their kind of burps, so you can watch only what you want. If you could watch the whole thing though, it would be awesome! :3

Gannit Lounge: 0:06-3:57 (Three super fun British dudes, a ginger and pale one, a dark blond more tanned one, and one that has a greek/italian look. Very loud and wet burps most of the time. Mostly long ones, and some are amazingly deep!);

Matkoma: 3:57-10:43 (Two super hot Swedish guys. One is VERY skinny with a pale vampire-ish look and really dark hair. The other is more tanned and has very nice colored eyes, kinda hazel/blue-ish. The former does mostly REALLY wet burps, while the former has a lot of deep and loud ones, but mostly muffled);

Live Life: 10:43-11:47 (Super hot and cute Dutch dude. He has a great personality, is super funny and chill. His burps are normally the deep too-full-need-to-let-go cuz of eating, but sometimes they’re soft. It’s hot as hell still!);

AshMan TV: 11:47-14:27 (Amazingly attractive British dude with a bald manly look and some massive deep masculine belches to top it off!);

Esttik: 14:27-15:21 (Spanish hot dude, with a very fit body in some videos, doing some massive deep belches!);

JnS Challenges: 15:21-16:04 (Super cute British bearish dude, doing some nice manly belches!);

Stejk: 16:04-17:52 (Czech dude and some friends doing some pretty awesome burps. They aren’t the biggest lookers, but they make some amazing belches!);

MultiiVlogs: 17:52-18:18 (SUPER hot British blond dudes and mostly a friend of his, pretty cubby with dark hair. They do some pretty nice dense belches!);

WhatIsLife: 18:18-22:09 (Hot British guys, one bald with a manly look and the other with brown hair and a more cute look. Burps are often airy, but mostly they’re awesomely dense. They are one of the channels that know about us, and are completely nice about it!);

Fart Bonus (in order of appearance) starting at 22:23 – WhatIsLife, Gannit Lounge, JnS Challenges, Stejk, MultiiVlogs

Personal Favorites (in order of appearance): Gannit Lounge, AshMan TV, Esttik, Stejk, WhatIsLife


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