Hello YouTube Family! After the last fartball video and what a huge success it was, I was hoping for a sequel. Although Steve-O didn’t light this one up like the last fartball video. Unfortunately, he only let one fart and it wasn’t that impressive. Lol Nah, it was a good fart! So, instead of Steve-O keeping things active with giant farts, Bman stepped in for the kill. Yep, Bman let go with a few farts and one especially large fart, right to Burrito Bob’s cheese cake. Lol, you thought I was going to say face. Well, the fart was definitely close to my face.

We had a couple of good conversations in this fartball video that I thought to be very funny. Pay attention to the conversation about the berries, blue berries. The other conversation is centered around the new trimmer for men, called Manscape. I think you will get a kick out of Bman’s reaction and going a little overboard. Too funny!

Lastly, I share many farts with you and at times when no body acts as though they notice and keep on with their conversation. It is entirely too funny and proof that I fart so much, that the people around me, don’t even flinch or blink and eye.

Enjoy! “Laughter is good medicine”.

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